Price list

Step #1 Preliminary Design $700.00 + GST – FLAT FEE

Preliminary sketches include accurate floor layout(s) and front elevation.
Preliminary sketches include 6 hours of design time. $40 per hour thereafter.


Step #2 “Basic Set” of Working Drawings – 8 SETS INCLUDED

House (incl. open space)
Attached Garage
Developed Basement
Walkout Basement
Extra Sets of Drawings
$0.70 per sq. ft. + GST
$0.30 per sq. ft. + GST
$150.00 + GST
$150.00. + GST
$10.00 per set + GST


  • Floor and roof truss drawings are to be supplied, engineered and stamped by supplier.
  • Heating and ventilation plans are not provided – see your heating contractor.
  • (Where required) The fee for P. Eng., is NOT included in the above fees.

“Basic Set” of Drawings

A “Basic set” of drawings is the basic drawings required for obtaining a building permit and constructing the house. Most standard construction details are assumed to be understood by the contractor and are not shown.

A Basic Set is made up of 11”X17” drawings. (Scale: 1/8” = 1’)

  • Cover Page
  • Exterior elevations
  • Site Plan (where required)
  • Foundation Plan
  • Floor Plan(s)
  • Cross Sections & Details (req’d for structure of house)
  • Suggested Electrical Plan(s)

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