Four Easy Steps

The 4 Steps to your New Home

Step 1 Give us whatever ideas, plans, sketches, and photographs or whatever you have to in regards to your family’s needs and “wish list” for your new home. This may include revising or changing existing plans or the development of a new design. Let us know which features you wish to incorporate in your home.

Step 2 We will start designing your home, aiming to develop the best possible home to meet you needs and budget. We will give you a set of plans (rough floor layout and front elevation) for your review and mark-up. We shall then revise the plans to reflect your preferences, and give you this second set of plans for additional red-line correction, typos, mistakes and revision.

Step 3 Once the Preliminary design is complete, we will proceed with creating the “blueprints” or working drawings. After we are finished drafting these, we will have you review them.

Step 4 The final step is to make the minor revisions that you have indicated. Your plans should be ready within two weeks of completing the preliminary design. We will then print 8 sets for you to start building your new home. Each set includes: Four Elevations, Site Plan, Foundation Plan, Floor Plan(s), Cross Section and Details Page, and Suggested Electrical.

In recognition of the limited scope of this work, the Owner/Client will limit the liability of Creative Drafting & Design to $1500 or 2 times the fee paid, whichever is greater, or the Client may obtain a higher limitation of liability for an additional negotiated cost prior to the commencement of services.

The Owner and Owner’s representative shall indemnify and hold harmless Creative Drafting & Design and all consultants for services not performed under the scope of this agreement.

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